Junekeri is a homegrown brand that specializes in quality handcrafted goods for the modern home.

We’re Ayessha and Sudha, a mother-daughter team, we create  and curate functional and beautiful pieces, seeking inspiration from the everyday mundane to the unique and unusual.Our timeless classics are built to stand the test of time by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern designs.

Junekeri is committed to offering focal and conversational pieces for your home that reflect your personal style. Each piece exhibits a unique story, a story of vibrance and life, which we hope will inspire celebration and bring joy to your every day.


Growing up in Gangtok, Sikkim I was constantly surrounded by picturesque landscapes. There was always a sense of being enveloped in the rich, cultural heritage that is typical of the North East. My parents loved to explore the country and collect treasured items. What I loved most about their eclectic collection was how every piece was displayed in our home - each one bursting with its own narrative and every room telling a very personal story. Watching them adorn our home with great passion and joy, I formed a deep and immediate connection with the comfort and traditions of home.

Years later, when it came to setting up my first  house, I wanted to reintroduce those evocative qualities and surround myself with fabrics, furnishings, and iconic art and decor pieces. It was during this time that I realised there was an exodus of generic home decor available which would never make my home truly mine.Soon after, I quit the corporate world and decided to bring a lifelong dream to fruition. I went into business with my mother, Sudha. Before we launched Junekeri, we spent more than a year traveling to the remotest villages in the northeast, Gujarat, and Rajasthan to work directly with local artisanal communities. Our individual tastes are woven together with a passion for interior decoration and an appreciation for the handcrafted. We aim to grow our network of crafters while introducing fresh and unique designs that are meant to be loved and used every day. 

We hope you enjoy our collection!

Ayesha +  Sudha