Junekeri is a homegrown brand that specializes in quality handcrafted goods for the modern home.

We’re Ayessha and Sudha, a mother-daughter team, we create  and curate functional and beautiful pieces, seeking inspiration from the everyday mundane to the unique and unusual.Our timeless classics are built to stand the test of time by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern designs.

Junekeri is committed to offering focal and conversational pieces for your home that reflect your personal style. Each piece exhibits a unique story, a story of vibrance and life, which we hope will inspire celebration and bring joy to your every day.


Our brand Junekeri’s name is inspired by the word Junkeri, which refers to the  Jugnu - firefly. Junkeri Dara - It is also an unspoiled viewpoint located in East Sikkim.

Drawing creativity from the fascinating Jugnu and from the overwhelming panorama that one observes from this point, Junekeri hopes to channel the colours, textures, architecture and off-beat way of life into our products.We are grateful for the unending inspiration - an inspiration we call home.


At Junekeri, our ethos is simple - we steer clear from the usual trends and feature the unique and individual - products that we would love to have in our own homes.
Our products reveal a fresh simplicity, offset with a touch of modern whimsy!
Each item in our collection carries a cultural history of the community from which it originates and is crafted with love using locally sourced materials and time-honoured skills.
Our journal documents the weaving techniques that the artisans use.It then goes on to talk about the provenance of the woven fabrics and the different techniques that make them so special.
We are meticulous about even the tiniest  detail, and so we’ve added extra touches to each piece in the form of handmade coconut buttons, pom-poms, premium quality zips, up-cycled packaging and more.

Along with  being obsessed with the tiniest of details, we make sure that our products are slowly made in small batches by our community of artisans. The time taken for sourcing, crafting, drying and finishing with precision cannot be rushed. Each piece is made with the finest materials from start to finish and with the utmost care.


To promote quality home goods that we love while simultaneously creating  sustainable avenues for our artisans and region specific weaves that we champion on our online store.

We work with the seasons. Each season we personally travel to work directly with our team of women-led weaving collectives, independent entrepreneurs, and craftsmen.

Every piece that you purchase helps us procure more from our artisans who ultimately benefit from getting more work.In doing so, we are able to  re-invent and re-visit the timeless classics into modern adaptations.





Ayessha founded Junekeri Homes in 2020 to explore her deep fervour for home decor and artisanal techniques of textile weaving and creation.

The pulse of Junekeri is a reflection of Ayessha’s own upbringing, translating experiences and memories into colourful textiles and beautiful home decor accents.She draws passion for her brand from the calm mountain life in Gangtok - where she grew up, and inserted life and soul into it from the vibrant desert hues of Rajasthan- where she attended boarding school at Mayo College.

Ayesha studied Arts in Miranda House,Delhi University, before moving to Singapore to pursue an MBA. She spent her formative years of her career in the luxury lifestyle space after which she spent a long stint at logistics unicorn - Delhivery. Somewhere along her journey, she realised that her heart and soul rested and thrived amidst fabrics, colour, texture and design. She embarked upon her Junekeri expedition soon after.
Ayessha lives in Delhi and can usually be found exploring vintage finds, mooning over fabrics, patterns and cushions, or browsing through second hand bookshops.


Sudha co-founded Junekeri Homes after a whopping 35 years in education.Raised in a home where four generations served in the Indian Armed forces, Sudha has lived in a myriad of cities throughout her life, shifting base across different army cantonments, from Badami Bagh in J&K to the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, onto the north-eastern cities in India and then further away to Burma.She has experienced and keenly observed a wonderful range of home decor and curation.

Embracing the multifaceted exposure to different cultures and handicrafts, Sudha lends her intrinsic love for styling to blend into her's and Ayessha's home grown business.

Sudha is based out of Gangtok, Sikkim and lives with her husband and their two golden retrievers - Hugo and Jhilkay.