At Junekeri, our ethos is simple - we steer clear from the usual trends and feature the unique and individual - products that we would love to have in our own homes.
Our products reveal a fresh simplicity, offset with a touch of modern whimsy!
Each item in our collection carries a cultural history of the community from which it originates and is crafted with love using locally sourced materials and time-honoured skills.
Our journal documents the weaving techniques that the artisans use.It then goes on to talk about the provenance of the woven fabrics and the different techniques that make them so special.
We are meticulous about even the tiniest  detail, and so we’ve added extra touches to each piece in the form of handmade coconut buttons, pom-poms, premium quality zips, up-cycled packaging and more.


Along with  being obsessed with the tiniest of details, we make sure that our products are slowly made in small batches by our community of artisans. The time taken for sourcing, crafting, drying and finishing with precision cannot be rushed. Each piece is made with the finest materials from start to finish and with the utmost care.