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Warmth.Luxury.Splendour.Inspired by the Buddhist endless knot symbol our Jade Green silk cushion represents harmony and simplicity. Each cushion is a labor of love and a handwoven story written in eternal Kashi.

The elaborate patterns are created in kadwa kaam, where multiple wefts are interlaced to create a pattern and, earlier, it needed two weavers to sit next to each other to manipulate the threads manually to create the patterns. Subsequently, the patterns were created with the help of a jala (harness) attached to the loom. A person at the back of the loom would manipulate the jala which acted as a master harness lifting and dropping the warp threads to a predetermined pattern.

100% Handwoven silk. 

Available in 18x18 inches and 14x20 inches.

The back has a plain satin textured finish to complement the front.

Dry clean/Spot clean only


  • Handmade from start to finish
  • Dry-clean recommended
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